Longfellow Makerspace Furniture Project

By Matt Hinckley
At Longfellow Middle School

We're building tables for our new Makerspace!
We need woodworking tools ($200 each), raw materials ($60 per table) and hand tools ($30 per student). Plus, you're invited to help us build!

Subject Areas:

Mathematics, Multi-subject, Science & Ecology


Past Deadline



out of $3270

Project Idea


Our students are successful when school is connected to their lives, and when they express their own ideas in their work. In our new Makerspace, students will choose their own way academically. We believe in a rich academic experience that guides all students to academic excellence and to be able to make positive contributions in the world. We believe in reaching for equitable outcomes, working to close the achievement gap, and our four school expectations of safety, respect, responsibility, and being allies.

WATCH OUR STORY HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXgSzVisl64&t=2s

As a “choice” school for families, Longfellow has a strong sense of community between and among students, families, and staff. Our collaborative spirit allows us to respond to students' needs and to create powerful interdisciplinary learning experiences.

This will serve every student in our school in academic classes, and students will receive enrichment in the Makerspace through electives, after school, and Saturday academies. Our Makerspace will also be a “hub” for projects in schools throughout our district.

For our Makerspace to be functional, we need tables!


We need tools, materials, and YOU!
In order to furnish our Makerspace space with tables, we're going to construct the tables as our first participatory project. Students, parents, teachers, other members of the Longfellow community, and expert "makers" will come together to build furniture. In addition to funding, this project will seek students and volunteers to participate in a table-building day in September.

We need funding for tools, both basic power woodworking tools as well as hand tools, and funding for lumber and other raw materials to construct our tables. Although the raw materials will be used for the tables, the tools will be incorporated into our Makerspace and used for future student projects.

$200 pays for one power woodworking tool.
$60 pays for the raw materials for one table.
$30 pays for hand tools for one student to use.

Additionally, we need YOU! Want to be there for the “barn-raising” of the Makerspace in September? Do you have expertise or enthusiasm? Or do you have tools or materials you’d love for us to use in our Makerspace? Join us! Contact matthinckley@berkeley.net.

Teacher Background

We have a truly interdisciplinary and collaborative team, reflecting enthusiasm for this project not only from teachers across academic departments at Longfellow but also including District staff, parents, and students. We anticipate building more parent and student involvement as the project unfolds and opportunities to actually “make” become available.

We invite YOU to become part of our Makerspace team!

Matt Hinckley has been teaching for twelve years, seven of them in Berkeley at Longfellow Middle School. Next year, he will oversee the opening of the first Makerspace in Berkeley Schools at Longfellow, and will teach a Maker course elective. He has taught 7th and 8th grade science and AVID, and has served as the school District’s teacher on special assignment for K-8 science. Before coming to Berkeley, he taught high school Integrated Science, Geology, Astronomy, Physics, and AP Environmental Science in Seattle.


Grade Level:
6, 7, 8
# of classes:
# of students:
Teachers and credentialed staff: Matt Hinckley, Jamie Robertson, Jose Lepe, and Tracy Hollander (science); Crystal Paschel and Joshua Paz (math), Anne Frost, Aryn Faur, Daria Leavitt, Caitlin Alastra, and Mary Patterson (humanities); Melanie Ford (library); Patricia Coe* (technology); Ananda Esteva (special education); and Aaron Lechuga (counselor). Parents: Eric van Dusen, Bethany Schoenfeld, Ramona Coates. Site administrators: Marcos Garcia and Chris Harrell District staff: Allison Krasnow and Mia Gittlen (technology); and Wyn Skeels (career and technical education) Maker Education staff: Julia Petralgia and Stephanie Chang UC Berkeley Grad Student: Nicole Bulalacao Magnitude.io cofounders: Ted Tagami and Tony So Bayer/CSU East Bay Institute for STEM Education CIRCLE Lab: Bruce Simon, Trina Ostrander and Janiene Langford


$3000 (does not include 9% administrative and credit card processing fee)


Power tools including miter saw, circular saw, band saw, drill, driver, bits and blades.
Hand tools including screwdrivers, hammers, clamps, hand saws, miter boxes: $600
Raw materials including plywood, dimensional lumber, fasteners, casters, hinges: $1200

We are able to accept in-kind donations of any of these tools and materials.

Use of Funds

Supplies, Equipment

Additional Comments

The Berkeley Public Schools Fund has been instrumental in getting the Longfellow Makerspace off the ground. Help us get this Makerspace going during the 2017-18 school year. Thanks!

We really do want YOU to be involved. If you have tools, materials, or expertise for this project, let us know by contacting matthinckley@berkeley.net.

Additionally, we welcome any other ideas and donations to make this Makerspace as effective as possible for our students.