Books for Summer Reading Kick-off!

By Elizabeth Scarboro
At Washington Elementary School

Kids at Washington elementary can't wait to jump into summer reading! Help us make sure they have the books they need. Our goal is to provide 10 books to each K-5th student from a low-income family.

Subject Areas:

Reading & Writing / Communication

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Project Idea


Summer reading is crucial for closing the achievement gap. In order for students to keep their love for reading alive, and to maintain the progress they've made during the school year, they need to keep reading over the summer. There is nothing like having a few enticing books of your very own to draw you into the world of reading. Our target students have very limited access to books at home. In addition, they are students who have struggled with reading in school and are making strong gains. They've worked very hard at school to make progress, and we want to make sure they are given the chance to reap the benefits of their hard work.


We are having a Summer Reading Kick-Off for our low-income students. Students and their families are invited to join us for a pizza dinner. Students get to select new, exciting books while parents have a chance to get information about summer literacy activities and public library resources. Our PTA will provide the pizza, and Washington families have donated many books to get us started. We now need to fill out our book collection strategically. We need to purchase early-level books for our kindergarten students, as well as specific titles for our older students that match their interests and reading levels.

Teacher Background

I am a reading intervention teacher at Washington Elementary, where I work with kindergarten-5th grade students who need extra support to become strong readers. Working in small groups, and having access to targeted instruction, my students gain the confidence and skills they need not only to do well in their regular classrooms but to become life-long learners. My students come from a range of linguistic and socioeconomic backgrounds. 90% of my students qualify for free or reduced lunch, and 60% of my students are learning English as a second language.


Grade Level:
12 days
# of classes:
# of students:
Stephanie Diamond, RTI Leader


$900 (does not include 9% administrative and credit card processing fee)


$900 will be used to purchase new fiction and non-fiction books for kindergarten-5th grade students. I will find the most reasonable sources and use my teacher discount wherever I can.

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